About Us

My name is Jeff Frishof and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am the proud owner of a 2009 Ultra Classic Firemans Edition Harley-Davidson. How I came to own this particular bike was a desire to get back to riding motorcycles again after 20+ years of working too much and not playing enough.

Having several friends with Harleys and a few with BMW's and Yamaha's and watching them take some fun weekend trips was too much for me not to be a part of, so I began my search for the bike of my dreams.

I knew that I wanted a touring bike and in particular a Harley. So I first searched the internet for Electra-Glides that had less than 5000 miles. Soon I was in touch with a number of dealers across our nation.

I wanted a bike that did not look like everyone elses was my other goal. I found several Fireman Editions and fell in love with the look. It was clean, came in a paint scheme that I liked and I think deep down inside I always wanted to be firefighter.

I had actually been working with one particular dealer out of the midwest that had two for what I believed to be a fair price. When we spoke on the phone the dealer asked me where I lived and it was then I was notified about California and smog requirements.  This forced me to change my stradegy a bit since to smog the bike would place the cost of the bike in the same range as buying new.

I began to email every dealer within the State of California with an offer to purchase and San Diego Harley Davidson came back with the best price. After a few back and forth callings, I became the owner of the best bike I have ever owned.

I can't tell you how much fun this bike has been! In the few months of ownership I have been to San Diego, Lake Tahoe, Reno, and various parts of Northern California. Probably one the most rewarding was the Toy drive this past Christmas with others from the San Francisco H.O.G Chapter.  Poor Santa got a little wet from the rain but we all had fun despite the weather! 

Over the past months the love of my life, Lissa has joined me in my travels. A short trip to the Monterey Peninsula on the back of a Harley and she has been bitten by the travel bugs. The best comment I heard after that ride...."Wow I never knew how much I was missing!" 

In the next months, Lissa and I will be sharing our travel with friends and how the progress of the event we're planning is evloving. It is hoped that you will return to Ride 2 New York City to follow our progress.

Memorial Ride 2010

Our group gathers on Sept 10 in Reno at the Gastropub restaurant

Bobby Strickland caught sing....On the Cover of the Rolling Stones with our entertainment

The group stops for a photo op on the east side of Lake Tahoe

The next day Sept 11, we all meet prior to arrival at the memorial

A fine example of Michael Emersons efforts to memorialize the loved ones lost on Sept 11, 2001

We arrive at the memorial in Union City California
Bag pipes were played...

Family members spoke.....

The group rolled on the San Francisco Airport the intended destination of Flight 93

Thanks to the San Francisco PD for the escort into the airport area

Once in San Francisco, we were escorted by both the San Francisco Fire Department and Police escort services. Thanks to both!

The President of the San Francisco Motorcycle club and Kat Kim (part of our support team)

Bobby making sure that Rae Killibrew-Amadio has a great time... Bobby you're the best ambassador!

Kat Kim gets to sit on one of the bikes....she's a natural!

Rae is surprised by the group celebrating her birthday.


Wait Rae needs to do an encore! 

Rae does a final check on her bike before shipping it home. Dudley Perkins orchestrated the transportation.

Eureka San Mateo Hog Ride 2010

Jeff and Lissa sittin in a tree......

Taken the next morning before we departed Eureka at the Eagle Crest Hotel

Lissa has become one of the girls! They have no idea what they're in for......FUN!